Laser Marking of Mars Pathfinder Components

Rache's precision laser marking service provides permanent identification, branding, or traceability for virtually any metal surface. For this project we were given the opportunity to work with NASA and JPL to provide laser marking on the gearboxes, camera pointing system, and airbag retraction actuator for the Mars Pathfinder. In all, we marked 12 different components comprised of stainless steel and titanium. The parts averaged 2" diameter with marking tolerances of ±.005". All markings were made in compliance with MIL STD 130.

Our laser marking system was developed by our in-house engineers and can engrave any text, bar code, or graphic into a metal surface. These laser marking capabilities have been utilized to great effect in the medical, military, automobile, and aerospace industries when it is critical for components to retain their identification or traceability information. For more information about this precision laser marking project, see the table below, or directly.


Laser Cutting of Titanium Cranial Mesh Plates

At Rache Corporation, we are an industry leader in thin metal laser cutting. We have developed proprietary equipment that allows us to cut very thin pieces of metal in precision patterns. These cranial mesh plates are used in the medical industry during skull surgery. Our expert engineers designed and built the equipment to produce these implant grade titanium plates. Typical plates measure 3" x 4", but we have produced a plate large enough to become the entire skull for one patient.

We specialize in projects where precision is not just important, but essential. We have pushed the limits of what lasers can do by developing proprietary technology for customers with unique laser cutting and welding needs. Customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and defense industries have come to trust us with their most critical projects. For more information about this thin metal laser cutting project, see the table below, or directly.


Hermetic Laser Welding of Aeronautic Camera Housing

Rache Corporation provides laser hermetic sealing services to customers in the medical, aerospace, electronics, defense and automotive industries. For this project, a camera housing was hermetically sealed to customer specifications via laser welding for use in a surveillance satellite. The satellite was used to search Afghanistan for terror suspects, and had to be hermetically sealed to ensure proper camera operation after launch. This hermetic welding process ensures complete protection against any penetration by moisture and foreign contaminants that could damage the camera equipment.

The housing measures approximately 0.50 inches in diameter with tolerances of ±.002" and was sealed using our Lumonics JK Laser Welder. After sealing, the housing was leak tested with our Varian Helium Leak Detector to ensure a thorough seal. This hermetically sealed camera housing was completed in one day for our customer in Santa Barbara, California. For more information about this hermetic laser welding project, see the table below, or directly.


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