Laser Marking

Laser marking has become the method of choice for marking products requiring permanent, high quality graphics, serial numbers, bar codes and text. Lasers will mark on irregular and hard to reach surfaces. No inks, dyes or, chemicals are used in the process. Laser marking is an excellent alternative to chemical etching and falls under MIL-STD 130.

Most metals can be laser marked including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper; brass, nickel and many others. Graphics and logo designs are limited only by your imagination. We work directly out of CAD files so there is no artwork. Sample marking of your product is complimentary.

Laser marking can also be used to modify surfaces and trim and tune electronic circuits. Accurate and repeatable, laser marking has become a cost effective alternative to hand tuning.

Quality Assurance

The quality system at Rache Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.



Anodized AluminumNickel
BrassStainless Steel


Aerospace and military equipmentMicrochips
Automotive componentsMedical instruments
Electronic packagingMicroscope slides
Identification tagsMicrowave enclosures
Instrument panelsTools
And many others

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