Laser Marking

Laser marking has become the method of choice for marking products requiring permanent, high quality graphics, serial numbers, bar codes and text. Lasers will mark on irregular and hard to reach surfaces. No inks, dyes or, chemicals are used in the process. Laser marking is an excellent alternative to chemical etching and falls under MIL-STD 130.

Most metals can be laser marked including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper; brass, nickel and many others. Graphics and logo designs are limited only by your imagination. We work directly out of CAD files so there is no artwork. Sample marking of your product is complimentary.

Laser marking can also be used to modify surfaces and trim and tune electronic circuits. Accurate and repeatable, laser marking has become a cost effective alternative to hand tuning.

Quality Assurance

The quality system at Rache Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. AS9100 D pending.



Anodized AluminumNickel
BrassStainless Steel


Aerospace and military equipmentMicrochips
Automotive componentsMedical instruments
Electronic packagingMicroscope slides
Identification tagsMicrowave enclosures
Instrument panelsTools
And many others

Laser Application Guide

Material Cut Weld Mark Drill Typical Applications
Aluminum Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Washers, Gaskets, Shims, Antennas
Anodized Aluminum Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Washers, Gaskets, Shims, Antennas
Brass EMI/RFI Waveguide Gaskets, Stripline
Copper & Beryllium Copper (Be-Cu) EMI/RFI Waveguide Gaskets, Stripline
Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments, Implants
Cold-Rolled Steel Consumer Home Appliances, Automotive, Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes, Computer Accessories
Titanium Surgical Implants, Aerospace, Defense
Nickel Aerospace, Fuel Cells, Electronics, Jet Engines, Fusion Mesh Electrodes, Rechargeable Batteries, Magnets
Nitinol (Nickel-Titanium) Surgical and Medical devices, Endovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Orthopedic, Neurovascular
Exotic & Hi-temp Alloys Aerospace, Automotive, Defense
Kovar® Glass-to-Metal or Ceramic Seals, RF Carriers, X-ray, Microwave Tubes
Inconel® Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Nuclear Energy, Seals, Fasteners, Tubing, High Temperature
Monel® Aerospace, Marine, Music, Nuclear Reactors, Aircraft Frames, Piping, Shafts, Valves, Propeller Shafts, Keel Bolts, Valve Pistons, Horn Rotors, Cylinder Regulators, Flow Regulators
Delrin® Black Only Medical, Dental, FDA, Sports, Culinary, Automotive, Electronics, Insulin Delivery, Gears, Fan Wheels, Fasteners, Insulators, Bobbins, Connectors
PTFE Communications, Industrial, Surgical, Microwave Components, Bearings, Gears, Slide Plates, Optical Radiometry, Stenotic Artery Grafts
Nomex® Aerospace, Auto Racing, Defense, Electronics, Circuit Boards, Heat Shields, Audio Speakers
Acrylics (no Polycarbonates) Various
Red Silicone Gaskets, Seals, Shims, Washers
Polyamides (PA) Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Industrial, Aerospace, Medical, and others
Polyimide, Kapton Conductive
(Black Only)
High Temperature Electrical Insulation for Magnetic, Aerospace, Commercial, Automotive, Defense, Electric Motors, Generators
Black Kapton Industrial, RF Antennas, LED Circuitry, Laser Ablation
Molybdenum Low TCE, Semiconductor Devices, Medical Devices, Filaments, Heat Shields, Defense, Aerospace, Nuclear, Glass-to-Metal Seals
Invar® Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Electronics, Magnetic, Medical, Lighting, Optical, Telecommunications, Ceramics
Platinum Sensors, Medical, Dental, Electronics, Aerospace
Phosphorus Bronze Electrical Contacts, Electronic Components, Interconnect Devices
Gold Electronics, Medical, Dental
Tungsten Aerospace, Automotive Industries, Radiation Shielding
FORBON® Mechanical & Electrical Applications
Magnesium Aircraft, Automotive, Electronics, Sports Equipment
Alumina-Ceramic (non-porous) Electronics, Circuit Boards, High Strength, Hardness, Temperature Resistance, Chemical Resistance, High Dielectric Strength
Rhenium Foil Jet Engine Parts, Gas Turbine Engines, Thermostats, Heating Elements, Electrical Contacts, Metallic Coatings

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