Rache Corporation Awarded ISO9001:2015 Management System Certificate

Camarillo, California - Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rache Corporation is pleased to announce it has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Management System certificate by IMSM. The Registration Certificate certifies that the Quality Management System (QMS) of Rache Corporation has been assessed and approved by QAS International to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

 About Rache Corporation

Rache Corporation offers precision laser marking, cutting, drilling, welding, helium leak testing andvalue engineering manufacturing services for the medical device, RF/microwave, aviation & aerospace, automotive, defense and electronics industries.

Thin Material Laser Cutting

Compared to other methods, laser fabrication is a cost-effective alternative to chemical etching, die-stamping, machining or wire EDM. Rache specializes in rapid prototype projects (up to 0.090" thick) that require tight tolerances and complex geometries without the need for special tooling.

Laser Marking and Engraving

Laser marking is the preferred marking method for the above aforementioned industries.

Laser Welding

Laser welding is the perfect method to join sub-assemblies by offering a very low heat input, bead sizes from 0.005” to 0.030”, weld penetrations up to 0.065” and joining materials as thin as 0.002”. In most cases, no filler material is used. For materials requiring special heating and cooling ramps, pulse shaping is available.

Please visit  www.rache.com or call 805-389-6868 to learn more about how the use of lasers (marking, cutting, drilling and welding) can ensure precision dimensional tolerances, low heat inputs, high yields, short lead-times and rapid prototyping.  Same day service is available.