Established in 1990, Rache Corporation specializes in precision thin material fabrication, machining and rapid prototyping using laser technology.  Over the years, we have become the industry leader in thin metal laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking, laser etching, weld joint design and helium leak testing.  Our process has significant advantages over existing technologies:

  • Working directly from your CAD files, we require no artwork or special tooling which allows us to deliver parts the same day, if necessary. Laser cutting is an excellent alternative to chemical etching, die-stamping or wire EDM.
  • Environmentally conscious, we use no chemicals or hazardous materials in our process.
  • We can cut virtually any metal and many plastics and organic materials.
  • We work in quantities of one to tens of thousands.
  • We can hold extremely tight dimensional tolerances.

Our customer base includes large and small companies from the RF/microwave, aviation & aerospace, medical device, automotive, defense and commercial electronics industries. Please allow us to show you our unsurpassed quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. Our management system is certified to ISO9001:2015.



Throughout our complicated R&D process, Rache engineers were willing and involved partners. We implemented several of their suggestions which resulted in cost reductions and processing time. Rache’s service is distinctive, they respond to our needs for short runs with quick turn-around. Bioplate is going through the ISO 9000 process and we want to use Rache as our vendor example.”
— Carol Jones, Vice President of Operations - Bioplate, Inc.

We have been pushing Rache’s manufacturing limits to the fine points of what can be done with a laser, trying to see just how small can you really get and still hold the spec. Rache engineers never over-promise, they are always up front about what they can do — repeatedly produce very small, precise rectangular holes. They make my job easy because they are easy to deal with.”
— Derek Langham, Purchasing - Saunders & Associates

Rache participates in our R&D process. Rache engineers were able to perfect a marking method for powder-coated parts using variable laser speeds that met our quality specs. Had we tried the same project, I’m sure we would have ended up with a lot of scrap in-house. We don’t even want to consider looking for another vendor.”
— Carol Miller, Purchasing - Saes Parker

Machining easily read serial numbers on Aseptico electronic dental equipment parts is difficult because they are anodized black, but Rache had no problem achieving our design specifications. We work with a myriad of production dates from multiple fabrication shops. Once the parts hit our dock, I call Rache for a turn-around date, they have always hit the mark. When we find ourselves in a crunch situation, Rache always helps out with at least partial delivery in 24 hours.”
— John Middaugh, Purchasing Agent - Aseptico

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